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  1. Very nice song... miles better than Clumsy.
  2. Longtime lurker just offering a thought on what might have happened (and yes, this is a much better video overall than what they released). My guess is that Britney went ahead with everything during shooting thinking that she'd get to have some say in the final edit--maybe she wasn't happy with her nipple showing in the cage footage, maybe she didn't like that someone died in the pool, maybe she wasn't thrilled with the G-Eazy sex scene (I bet that was a double's hand, so she might not have been involved at all with that). I've read several times how David insists on complete creative control--he may have refused any edits Britney wanted. After all, she's never fully reshot a video before, right? She's always worked with the footage she had. Also, considering she's still in a conservatorship, we don't know if her dad might have to sign off on her videos. One thing I will say about the video we got is that it is so very Britney, from the concept to her clothes to the goofy moments that were thrown in. Change the lighting/filters and this could have been a video that was released in 2002. I'm still hoping the full original video (in high quality) leaks, though.