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  1. RT @britneyspears: Happy birthday to my big brother Bryan!!! He means the world to me and I hope he has the best b-day ever!!!! https://t.c…

  2. 7 people followed me and 18 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/r0RxEu55vZ

  3. RT @TheBritneyArmy: #OTD 18 years ago, the official video for “Oops!... I Did It Again” premiered on @MTV! ??▶️ https://t.co/7FtgcDNpgO htt…

  4. 6 people followed me and 10 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/r0RxEu55vZ

  5. RT @wiwibloggs: Glow sticks, dancers and one heck of a voice! Eugent Bushpepa sings revamped version of "Mall" live on The Voice Kids Alban…

  6. RT @BritneySpeaus: Which Single is better? Britney Spears Vs Christina Aguilera RT For 3 Favorite Not Myself Tonight https://t.co/ROIEAHN…

  7. RT @reedlikeabook_: I can’t stop watching this gif of Britney Spears painting a picture of Britney Spears painting a picture of Britney Spe…

  8. RT @MisterIconic: Britney KNEW she was THAT bitch ?? https://t.co/gOkX9HDW4q

  9. RT @JohnnyKenneally: Super fast international delivery from @kenzo! Feeling my @britneyspears fantasy today; so happy I got one before they…

  10. RT @ShayBSpears: @kenzo @britneyspears @peterlindbergh This print though https://t.co/Ejs71hP06Z

  11. RT @kenzo: The new @KENZO campaign will be revealed on March 20th, stay tuned… #KENZO #CollectionMemento2 https://t.co/EHI7QmDi4t

  12. RT @albertxmitchell: here's the club fight scene in Black Panther but with Toxic by Britney Spears in the background https://t.co/wi00Zh0wZJ

  13. RT @shadzbebs: Jiyeon is really an INCREDIBLE DANCER if she put her 100% effort in dancing (not that she's not bcoz she's always great) BUT…

  14. RT @MikeStuchbery_: If you've got a problem with folks like Putin and King Jong Un, you should have a major problem with the Saudi Crown Pr…

  15. RT @Lmao: someone put toxic by Britney spears over the thor ragnarok fight scene and its art https://t.co/qEdLRgZu5y

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