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  1. RT @rainymondays: best season, best teaser. https://t.co/qoYWpjuTcg

  2. RT @GreysAnatomyHD: I've watched 14 seasons of Grey's Anatomy I think I can handle open heart surgery by now

  3. RT @ChildhoodShows: The most iconic Christmas performance ever https://t.co/SFcKUbzu0F

  4. RT @drugproblem: Happy December 1st ??❤️ https://t.co/W4OOE7TG1E

  5. RT @mararomeu: Es que mi suerte esta fuera e' liga ? https://t.co/smDe4pGYVj

  6. RT @urtvshow: https://t.co/254rkpGd0d

  7. https://t.co/BxPGotBiIA

  8. RT @rhealislay: act 4: kris' new house (calabasas 2014) https://t.co/wNjDE6gWP1

  9. RT @rhealislay: rupaul's drag race season 9, episode 3 lip sync in full hd : ) https://t.co/N4iHvtsyrZ

  10. RT @kmusicvids: wonder girls ✧ why so lonely https://t.co/d6SydWhJwH

  11. RT @godneybjs: Madonna's 58 and her tours are still unmatched. This woman is on a whole other level. https://t.co/0MjjhW8Ct6

  12. RT @SirRatchettness: Best piece of reality tv in 2016. Did their own hair, makeup, wardrobe, lyrics, and learned choreography in 24 hours.…

  13. RT @RuPaulsDragRace: Wanna party with Lil’ Poundcake on Planet Glamtrom? RT & spread the word for @Alaska5000 to rule her #AllStars2 Queend…

  14. #TeamAlaska #TeamKatya #TeamAlaska #TeamKatya #TeamAlaska #TeamKatya #TeamAlaska #TeamKatya #TeamAlaska #TeamKatya #TeamAlaska #TeamKatya

  15. @Alaska5000 after you win All Stars 2, please release an updated version of Ru Girl. https://t.co/m1X1IK336R

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