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  1. RT @kanyewest: Don't follow crowds. Follow the innate feelings inside of you. Do what you feel not what you think. Thoughts have been place…

  2. KELLY ROWLAND! #beychella

  3. RT @michcoll: Wow Zuckerberg’s aged https://t.co/xEkfguAWe8

  4. #tbt to 48 hours ago when snow wasn’t in the forecast ? #takemeback #miami @ Sunny Isles Beach,… https://t.co/smRqoMMKXN

  5. RT @ABC: JUST IN: Winnie Mandela, anti-apartheid campaigner and Nelson Mandela's widow, has died, her assistant says. https://t.co/s7EMFF9f…

  6. Happy opening day! ⚾️ #nats

  7. Anderson is a saint. #60minutes #StormyDanielsDay

  8. Why. Is. It. Still. Snowing.

  9. Closing out my #birthday weekend with some of my favs ??? @ Times Square, Manhattan, New York https://t.co/GQDUNexEyd

  10. Thank you everyone for the #bday love! It’s been a truly incredible day! ? #hbd #32 #march9th @… https://t.co/QuhoxP8RNX

  11. That was a good ending!

  12. RT @CHUUZUZ: It's been 7 years since Prince told Kim Kardashian to get off the stage. https://t.co/1JgXjAwALF

  13. Answer: YES https://t.co/fZgAe7yIjF

  14. #BlackMenSmiling https://t.co/tHPHvSE84f

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