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  1. @MuscleBaked just met you at Richs. Youre more gorgeous in person. ❤️

  2. @JohnLegere @TMobile @TMobileHelp im having an issue with the JOD i returned back to you guys.

  3. @Uber @UberEats ordered my food about 40 minutes ago and still no update....

  4. @MileysCyrusNews @ChristianBayxxx @chris_geronimo

  5. Still getting the run around with trying to order this watch.... ? #tmobile @JohnLegere @TMobile @TMobileHelp

  6. @LoBosworth @chris_geronimo

  7. @JohnLegere ive been trying to upgrade my line using JOD and no one can seem to help me on the phone.... ??

  8. @BroadwaySD where and when can i purchase Tickets for the Aladdin musical?

  9. @chris_geronimo Since when?

  10. Why every time someone tells me “im pregnant” is my first reply always “what are u going to do!?!” Instead of “cong… https://t.co/mk7ebVxnvf

  11. RT @UrbanDrive: Get into the holiday spirit! https://t.co/sQbGNPB7yk #UrbanDrive #MyOnlyWishThisYear #Christmas

  12. @USPSHelp @USPS been on hold for this long now... all i want to know is why my package hasnt been delivered for 3 w… https://t.co/MLoCsaE4Vr

  13. Really? TWO NIGHTS in a row!?! FORGET IT. @Uber @ubereats #wastedmytime https://t.co/aihCBj68r3

  14. RT @britneyspears: Ahhhh the single life!

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