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  1. Cardi looks radiant on Ellen 😍

  2. RT @VictoriaMonet: 💧 https://t.co/cKWJL3oSg7

  3. RT @britneyspears: I could not be more excited to welcome baby Ivey to this world. Congrats to @jamielynnspears and the whole family - I lo…

  4. If you don’t know “Poor Unfortunate Souls”, you’re a waste of oxygen https://t.co/C1NjBS0C3n

  5. Prince Phillip was my everything when I was little. Eric came in a very close second. https://t.co/3xGHqbq2Qs

  6. Omg yessss ? https://t.co/P2jsk0bl6z

  7. RT @LucasLascivious: Britney is LEGENDARY, omfg. https://t.co/Ga7pv87cKi

  8. FINALLY! https://t.co/NFUque4zsV

  9. Yes. https://t.co/2YzZWa0AhN

  10. RT @StormyDaniels: Technically I didn't sleep with the POTUS 12 years ago. There was no sleeping (hehe) and he was just a goofy reality TV…

  11. @SheherazadeSoul It’s a shame they’re so rare.

  12. RT @BuzzFeed: 13 facts about serial killers that will make you extremely uncomfortable https://t.co/IiWYLyFEib

  13. They’ve branded us enough. Outlaws of love.

  14. Say no to drugs, people https://t.co/YNHtwAdxWz

  15. I remember my brothers trying to convince me every member of Spice Girls was gay and Geri left SG because she and E… https://t.co/R36fbFEcMi

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