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  1. RT @glaad: "Every time @britneyspears does a runway walk on Instagram, a little gay child gets his wings” - @Adaripp #GLAADawards https://t…

  2. RT @UniversalHorror: Announcing the commencement of #TheFirstPurge. In theaters July 4. https://t.co/DL25hhd6MI

  3. RT @PeyZeigler: hi hello yes today my classmate did a presentation on why mariah carey is skinny and i am c ACK L I NG https://t.co/3nX6s9…

  4. RT @SupremeSakura: When you're shopping for shoes but Anime is life? ???? ??‍♀️ https://t.co/EqtqHLvH65

  5. RT @britneyspears: Found my white booty shorts ???? https://t.co/CLcSChcVsm

  6. RT @britneyspears: Feeling so inspired by #SHINE, a song written and performed by students from Stoneman Douglas who survived the tragedy i…

  7. RT @cthagod: Thank You God For Blessing Me With Another Day Of Life!!!!

  8. RT @britneyspears: Just a little game of tennis with my man!!! Not professional, but it’s really fun!!!!!!!!!!????? https://t.co/JJjrrfmgcx

  9. RT @fiebrebritney_: Britney Jean Spears https://t.co/yWGOq4nvX0

  10. RT @larrymarshalljr: It’s Britney bitch https://t.co/um5ZG12ufY

  11. RT @britneyspears: Don't underestimate the power of batwoman!!! #happyvalentinesday ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/DXVwUDGd1B

  12. RT @britneyspears: Gearing up for summer!!! ⭐️?⭐️ https://t.co/91pzIh1phC

  13. RT @FullscreenNet: https://t.co/ZaIx36RR9w

  14. RT @Choco_Optimus: Cop pulls over a black man for failure to signal, walks to his car with his gun drawn... Black dude is my fucking hero?…

  15. RT @JackJesseSpears: January isn’t even over yet and already Britney was the first ever live broadcasted performance of 2018, announced a E…

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