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  1. RT @glaad: "We can join hands together here and know that we are all beautiful" @britneyspears at the #GLAADawards https://t.co/AxhetOOOwX

  2. RT @charts_lady: According to “Vanity Fair” number “8” is the lucky number for debuting new big female artist. You agree? 1988 • Kylie Min…

  3. RT @emailmypussy: I miss the Femme Fatale era ? https://t.co/3rLXFQQ6l7

  4. RT @GodneyIsBritney: The CORRECT opinion https://t.co/1cwO7KKXNV

  5. RT @richardgondo97: Kenzoney conquered Paris! ? #BritneySpears #BRITNEYxKENZO #KenzoLovesBritney #kenzo https://t.co/Pjxxt1NKBe

  6. RT @grazia_fr: Britney Spears en couverture du nouveau Grazia ?? #NouvellePhotoDeProfil https://t.co/RyC3r0lKw3

  7. RT @AesteticBritney: WIG IS ORBITING https://t.co/mpZjahN0dS

  8. RT @billboard: Taylor Swift channels Britney Spears' "Lucky" and Maddie Ziegler in new "Delicate" video #iHeartAwards2018 https://t.co/i7eo…

  9. RT @emailmypussy: https://t.co/sZqjiSG

  10. RT @PopCrave: ‘Glory’ songwriter Ian Kirkpatrick on Britney Spears’ work ethic: "She's a pro when it comes to being vocal produced. You'll…

  11. Fuck it ? https://t.co/n1Oovyd3Wm

  12. RT @GodneyIsBritney: Britney Spears actually looks like Britney Spears https://t.co/cVwosfENOm

  13. RT @LOONAirrr: Beethoven rotting in his grave thinking about how he never could have created a production THIS excellent in his lifetime h…

  14. RT @blackzoneglory: https://t.co/gzMVSU70TF

  15. RT @jus10pr: All rise for the French national anthem.. https://t.co/3Uk70s01aG

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