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  1. I really do but that cold heart bishes
  3. Well how did you start trading? Oh I'm just wondering how can I find something to get in this trade business...
  4. Four years for what What do you have
  5. May I ask you something... How did you start trading? I want to start trade and get stuffs like this but I have nothing at all to start with. How do people start that thing?
  6. I can't even remember to be honestly... Femme Fatale era maybe? God, I want some from Britney Jean, why didn't any of them leak... That riotluke boy on youtube should have hold on tight, passenger and brightest morning star stems (even with studio recording sessions) but he is acting so selfish I mean all you gonna do is posting a *.zip file with some *.wav files in it, UGH
  7. Im in Istanbul, Turkey and if you ask her name on streets probably at least 8/10 people will respond you but since "3" single, none of her singles became hit here.
  8. somebody can start slayin me with leaking til its gone stems
  9. It wouldn't work on charts. Well, did Perfume work on charts too? No, but it was the only song which is don't contain Myah vox in it (with Don't Cry but Perfume's electro beat is more listenable than Don't Cry because people dont care ballad songs when it comes to Brit, they want to listen slay-ass dance songs.)
  10. I never seen this kind of "track-list"s are real when the real album actually released.
  11. Someone go and shot that muthafuka down.
  12. It Should Be Cheesy Til It's Gone was the best song in the Britney Jean imo. But I can't deny, ISBE's lyrics are so great but the production is a total mess honey. It disgusts me every fucking single time I hear it. I wanna cut my ears just so I won't hear that robotic, autotune builded, outdated, basic and poor song. Sorry but this is what it is..
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