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  1. Happy Birthday @victoriabeckham !!! 🎂 @GeriHalliwell @EmmaBunton @MelanieCmusic @OfficialMelB @brooklynbeckham… https://t.co/2fVsJsWEk4

  2. Geri yoga, then & now. @GeriHalliwell https://t.co/XrTTXerxGR

  3. Simon Fuller & the Spice Girls, then and now. @GeriHalliwell @EmmaBunton @MelanieCmusic @victoriabeckham… https://t.co/F0IKLrejkN

  4. @GeriHalliwell @EmmaBunton @MelanieCmusic @victoriabeckham @OfficialMelB #SpiceGirls #HappyEaster https://t.co/PSvoEESP9v

  5. @GeriHalliwell ✌️♥️ https://t.co/sJpmBrWSVu

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! @GeriHalliwell x @EmmaBunton x @MelanieCmusic x @OfficialMelB x @victoriabeckham… https://t.co/qPLRWFxNoF

  7. The Spice Girls then & now. @GeriHalliwell @EmmaBunton @OfficialMelB @victoriabeckham @MelanieCmusic #SpiceGirls https://t.co/sKzHA2qi2y

  8. @GeriHalliwell Fantastic! Geri Queen!!!

  9. All time movie hits: Spice Girls - "Too Much" @GeriHalliwell @EmmaBunton @OfficialMelB @victoriabeckham… https://t.co/sPEuwhM4AN

  10. 1998 January. 20 years ago... Spice Girls - VOGUE magazine cover @voguemagazine @spicegirls @MelanieCmusic… https://t.co/1FsV5w5pft

  11. Geri then & now ? @GeriHalliwell #Geri #GeriHorner #GeriHalliwell #GingerSpice #Icon #Legend #thenandnow https://t.co/blJzvGEE2Q

  12. 20 years ago today... SPICE WORLD - The Movie premiere, London. @GeriHalliwell @EmmaBunton @OfficialMelB… https://t.co/n6eP7Isqxx

  13. Sweet little Emma. ? @EmmaBunton #EmmaBunton #BabySpice https://t.co/rAwj0IEKoY

  14. @JockMooney Hi :) Your friends photographed me. Because of your shirt. Who are they? Where's the photo? Shared on Twitter. ICanNotFindIt

  15. Happy Birthday dear Geri! xx @GeriHalliwell https://t.co/QICurKkRIY

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