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  1. @IamTeddyMykaels Oh you stan taylor? That explains it. But really why did you block him? Did he do something?

  2. Ugh Beyoncè is so overrated. Everyone gives her so much hype and she does the same shit every time. https://t.co/pLFTZTPD1m

  3. RT @PopCrave: Sam Smith praises 'Blackout' by Britney Spears: "One of the greatest f*cking albums of all time. No arguments" https://t.co/7…

  4. @daniellemcam YOU WERE LEGENDARY!!!! ?❤️?

  5. @KimKardashian FINALLY!!!! YESSSSSS

  6. RT @MTV: I hope that @BritneySpears has a really great day because it's what she deserves ? #WomenWeLove https://t.co/jtdewzoJPh

  7. @iamkentmatthew @IamTeddyMykaels UGH MY HEART! It’s fate!!!!!! https://t.co/fYwEzRPfbq

  8. RT @ParisHilton: Marvel: "Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history." Me: https://t.co/4rxIDOccu6

  9. RT @WendyWilliams: [email protected] talks #RHOBH, marriage and new book, "Pretty Mess". Keep watching: https://t.co/IlzfCiAoRG https://t.co/okn…

  10. RT @1061BLI: ? #ParisHilton ? Talks #INeedYou, Wedding Deets, Babies + Giving Back! ? Full Video ➡ https://t.co/FvlPXgaUKC @ParisHilton @Ch…

  11. @erikajayne You’re such a savage queen Erika! This is exactly why I love you! Teddy is irrelevant and that’s the tr… https://t.co/pgIkDaXWI2

  12. RT @SingleGayLife: “Britney has no impact on pop culture today” https://t.co/ksijsG3UMX

  13. RT @ChrisCrocker: God told me to do this https://t.co/mjYblnr6XW

  14. RT @mineifiwildout: this fool definitely selling percs now https://t.co/Svcx4mFMdk

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