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  1. vertigo, feet on the ground and black widow
  2. blackout circus ff itz bj britney oops bomt
  3. the snippets sounded so much better than this...
  4. bomt- can't change it's perfect oops- can't change again britney- overprotected itz- toxic blackout- break the ice circus- circus ff- I wouldn't change it but id say iwg or inside out bj- tig
  5. Fun Facts

    one more... the original title for "In The Zone" was "Get In The Zone" but was changed at the very last minute.
  6. Fun Facts

    the line "It's Britney Bitch" was not planned in the original lyrics for gm, Danja told britney to record it as a joke, but ended up adding it to the song.
  7. Fun Facts

    Britney wanted to wear a 'hooker' styled outfit for the Oops music video, but her team turned it down