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  1. I see no one but ariana on this song ... even if I love britney lol
  2. I have a feeling that this time she's here to slay the world again... I'm maybe wrong but it's a strong feeling
  3. I don't think she need to work with him again .. they made hits together and nobody can deny that. I think she just need to experiment for the new album like she did with glory. She has nothing to prove anymore and I think it's the best for her and for her recognition for her long career. And I really don't want a super poppy album ...
  4. I don't think that loving britney music has something to do with sexuality. Of course there is many gays who love her music but I'm sure that there is many straight guy too (maybe not all her music ). They're just hiding... people like to categorize each other !
  5. @acmdrmks https://t.co/rExEh5SFuN

  6. Its me or the last one look like BOMT uniform a little ?
  7. My question is what Britney need to do for a good comeback in charts and everything.. how can she make the gp interested in her again and take back what she had ? It's just speculation.. because we don't know if she wants to be "the Britney " she used to be and I understand that. I just want to know what is the perfect plan for you ...
  8. It's me or her lips look better ? She look like she used to but more like a sexy milf now ..
  9. A rock album for britney ? No thanks
  10. Ajoutez-moi sur Snapchat ! Nom d'utilisateur : kvthe57 https://t.co/VLkXB0bLOT

  11. Well 3 months after the single release it's a good news I guess ...
  12. It was so trashy ! I watched it on periscope this morning .. I have no word they made her act so stupid and created an another story of her !! But who cares , she's making money at vegas right now and she's happy !