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  1. @HarmvanderGaag Dat is allang bekend. Continiously calling him names isn't going to help anyone. We need to use our… https://t.co/x3wZtKQCXG

  2. I come to vote @andymburgess, not to praise them. Actually I’ll do both in the #ShortyAwards. https://t.co/AXVyEH8fGg

  3. This above all: to @CaseyNeistat be true, by voting in the #ShortyAwards. https://t.co/NneF2Z8QiV

  4. The unexamined vote is not worth giving. I thoughtfully vote for I can https://t.co/JKaaIcMfAB

  5. How Mentally Strong People Respond to Snarky Comments | Psychology Today https://t.co/Qg4TfhjNma

  6. Copy of From Softball to Kissing: https://t.co/tM0CdOwO6w via @YouTube

  7. Confused About Successful Jerks? Get to Know the Dark Triad | Psychology Today https://t.co/s74vJ1AkTy

  8. Ay'celine 3rd Birthday: https://t.co/o2pjnCMf5K via @YouTube

  9. RT @LeoDiCaprio: We lost a true conservation hero who fought so hard to protect Africa’s elephants. https://t.co/aViqCTjScX

  10. Admixture: not soup yet https://t.co/PjOPFf4pny via @legalgen

  11. This-pussy-toe (Despacito in English) :D https://t.co/2FGRDmESsM via @YouTube

  12. Oh wait... just realized that the new update benefits stalkers more...I swear I'm not a stalker... :P #snapchat #snapmap

  13. #NeverForget #PulseOrlando ❤️???? https://t.co/XKRJmrZnDQ

  14. 23 incredible travel destinations you probably didn't know existed https://t.co/8R9EeqocuU via @clusterstock

  15. Ik heb een leuke vakantie gezien op kras.nl @kras https://t.co/9c1KwucyId

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