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Jeansus Spears

B Army
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  1. Hi, I love your account name :)

  2. I heard glory sold more than anti. But wtf anti went #1 and glory #3
  3. This is sooo good omg. Why did she put hard to forget ya instead of this
  4. People are really mean to Britney seriously, it's like they just can't accept that her body is slaying in 2016. Haters gonna hate
  5. Nope. I love ITZ and it's my #2 Brit's album but Blackout IS the pop bible likebseriously there's no one filler. Brave New Girl is kinda meh, if only they replace The Answer with BNG then it's a tough choice
  6. HOLD THE FUCK UP SHE'S ALMOST 40????? I thought she's in her late 20s I wonder how old the dancers are
  7. Stop making superbowlney happen. It's not going to happen
  8. Did she finally kill momney/bloatedney/femmefataleney????? Where? Where is she??
  9. It's okay tho and it's up to her if she wants to do it or not but if that perv touch our girl once, then us britney army need to gather and collect money to hire a hitman to shoot that perv down
  10. Brenda Spears? Yes Brenda Joan? No