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  1. Tokyo streets. I love Japan and she's never done that before.
  2. So not too long ago I emailed RCA asking them for Britney's single sales and they replied to me two months later. When they did, I decided to ask them for her album sales expecting them to reply to me in like a year or two. But I checked my inbox this morning and they replied to me! This is what the email said Pretty cool, huh? Here's my email about the single sales! I posted it on Exhale but it's down and can't link to it right now.
  3. Can't wait! I hope she slays it and we get tons of vids. I know she will slay it though, it's been pure slayage since August.
  4. I do! Sims 3 > Sims 2 > Sims 1 >>> Sims 4 though
  5. I like it! Do Britney next.
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    Welcome to the forums 2AM :)

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