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  1. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/KZIVHWCIh1 Things You Need to Start Filming ASMR Videos! (ASMR)

  2. Positive vibes. New @shanedawson video today! Part 2! Whoooooooooo!! #shane #youtube #ThursdayThoughts

  3. RT @BaileeMadison: Who's going to see @TheStrangers #preyatnight TODAY???!!!!

  4. @shanedawson Favorite @YouTube YouTuber right here!!! New video now!

  5. @chartmastersorg @britneyspears Congrats are in order ?but it's left Blackout in the dust now. ?

  6. Coffee, can you be my friend?

  7. RT @StobItLisa: @TimmysWell @shanedawson I love legends supporting legends. ZAZAZA!!! ?

  8. @britneyspears GET NAKED!!! Yes, bitch acknowledge the POP bible that is Blackout. ??

  9. RT @britneyspears: Some things are just timeless ? Thank you for letting me be apart of your story @Pepsi! Watch the #SBLII commercial here…

  10. @britneyspears You are my inspiration. I feel like working out now instead of having these cookies!

  11. Why is IT blu-ray sold out!?

  12. RT @BuzzFeed: Natalie Portman called out the fact that no women were nominated for Best Director tonight https://t.co/mswFBaTg4r

  13. RT @MisterPreda: Happy New Year, @britneyspears is skinny and gorgeous. ? Your fav wishes! #BritneyxRockinEve https://t.co/fjYeas7F2p

  14. RT @JoeSantagato: Now that Christmas is over, I’m ready for summer.

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