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  1. in the beggining it is clear that the vocals are from hold it against me, but edited
  2. fake, she serves the demonic god and it's not news she does the baphomet hand sign in every tour she does. and the "mental breakdown" shaving her head (she was wearing a hexagram when she shaved her head symbolizing the union of the male and the female oposites, it's a demonic symbol), british alter ego etc were set up, to induce some people to lose their soul, their true being. I know what i'm talking about, xoxo
  3. i want to see the fans lipsynching that line "Britney i want to kiss your sweety lips"
  4. i love doritos with cheddar cream but i can't eat it because it will make me look fat
  5. that's very coo i like the line i want to kiss your sweety lips you forgot to put a suicidal line too
  6. NO, THINK IF SOMEBODY DOES IT WITH YOUR VOICE, THAT'S WHY I'M SCARED OF PEOPLE RECORDING MY CALLS. don't do to the others things you wouldn't like people to do with you, i use this everyday, unless they are attacking you, so i just give back what my enemies give me. i'm to hasty to wait for the karma to get them.
  7. i love how philosophical and deep Sabi is "Steam me like a pot full of vegetables"
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