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  1. She looks very hot in these pics that surfaced, for some reason it gives me "work bitch" video vibes! Hopefully they bring a whole new concept and visuals .. I think we're finally getting the orgy-type scenes that were cut off of work bitch
  2. Notice how talkative she is compared to older interviews! She's not just answering questions that's a good sign! She looks very good too
  3. sorry if it's already posted, here's the link for the red carpet live streaming http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/bbma/7378349/billboard-music-awards-2016-red-carpet-live-stream
  4. WOW never thought of that.. But yeah, most likely won't happen
  5. what? in her latest instagram post, Britney said to Shazam her performance... Probably to make the gp aware of TOMH and BOM
  6. muchas gracias de verdad! de donde eres? Thanks for watching! glad you liked it
  7. Hey there! Recently I finished and uploaded my first Adobe after effects project and felt like sharing here while we wait for official "Make Me" news.. this short lyric video plays with kinetic typography and of course I used my favorite track off blackout as inspiration!!! Hope you all like it! Looking forward to read your feedback
  8. wow, that must have taken a lot of time! As a fan it's very satisfying to see.. But as someone said, her team would only release it to milk our money
  9. awesome!!! brand new info! haha
  10. Welcome to the forums Logavea2B :)

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