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  1. why does Katy perry always sound like she's shouting rather than singing? I'm not just talking about when she sing live, but even on cd it sounds more like shouting. It seems she does have a lot of melody or rhythm to her voice. Like if you listen to any other person sing they have different tones or harmonies. I don't want to sound biased just b/c I don't like Katy ( she just seems to imature) but compared to Britney it seems at least like Britney has some harmony and good tone to her voice. Even on cd it never sounds like she's just shouting. I know she may not be the best comparison since she doesn't sing live, but if you listen to Perfume you can hear her voice vibrating a bit and changing tone.
  2. http://www.aol.com/video/britney-spears-reunites-with-steven-tyler-breaks-the-internet/518631447/ even aol is stating she "broke the internet" and life and style http://www.lifeandstylemag.com/posts/britney-spears-super-bowl-2015-commercial-almost-broke-the-internet-sorry-kim-50730
  3. I don't think it's being biased b/c i'm fan, but it's the truth she really did. Try harder kim kardashian
  4. No, it's flat out disgusting; almost like incest. your telling me if your friend said that he and his brother share the same with you wouldn't give two shits? Sorry, but i woudln't choose to associate myself with sickos. There's a line between acceptable and respectable. Like i said when something deviates so far from the norm it's unacceptable and the more respect it the sicker this world becomes.
  5. just like saying in yeman that child marriage is acceptable so we should respect it. I have respects for other cultures, but when some deviates so far from the norm I can't accept it.
  6. http://www.mtv.com/news/2052797/american-sniper-box-office/ Anyone seen it yet?
  7. it can't be a coincidence I think it's definitely about her; there's just too many symbols and clues. But I will say this: While i think he's happily married, he probably wrote that song a several years ago and decide to put it and let it find it's way to her just to show he cares.
  8. Actually the New York daily news is a liberal paper; therefore, it's not just republicans Criticizing him. Even CNN is criticizing him. oh a phone call that's nice, but considering France is one of our biggest allies it's a slap in the face not to send at least one of those guys there to represent us. There were leader there from other countries whose ties to France aren't even as close as the United States. Let's not forget that leaders from France came to visit us during 9/11 or the fact that France helped us win the Revolutionary war. We owe a great deal to France. It would be a great lost for us to lose their respect.
  9. no thread is actually spill the truth tea
  10. you're an idiot. Why even bother responding?
  11. well then why should 40 other world leaders show up???????