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  1. Guys he wasn't involved with the video. He didn't direct it
  2. Guys.... this whole thing started with basically the background. They used the same place. Who cares. It happens a LOT in music videos. Slumber party was filmed where "touch my body" was filmed and the lambily didn't freak out like you guys did. Its a shooting location. Get over it
  3. Ok??? Umm he can still be sexy. Also I truly doubt that you’re the all seeing god for sexy people. For about 99% of the world a muscle clad 23 year old is the best thing in the world. Get off your high horse and just be normal. Who cares if you go to the Middle East a lot. It makes zero difference.
  4. I just think you’re a liar cuz he’s hella sexy. I’m a straight boy and I can admit that lmao
  5. Lol sorry I just hate when people go on someone’s page and like talk shit about them. Like who tf cares if you “hate britney” why do you have to write it under her photo? What’s the point and what do you get out of it? You know?
  6. Then don’t click on it! My gosh people there’s no need to hate. Grow up and quit with the hating. No one cares for your opinion
  7. For the most recent proof Kourtney used radar in her latest Instagram post!!!!! In the past so he Kylie and also Kim is a big fan!
  8. It's just different for him! (can't tell if this post is sarcastic or not I may be fighting no one lmao). She's learned to just ignore it and live her life while he still has to learn how to do that.
  9. OK he doesn't deserve what he is asking!! Right now he gets about $240,000 a year from Britney! thats a lot of money. He is asking for upwards of $720,000 a year!!!!! He does NOT need that much from her.
  10. buzzfeed has a point haha
  11. I love how they portray Sam in the movie. As a controlling asshole. They got one thing right!!
  12. Security check is fine! Thank you guys!
  13. Just bought myself tickets right now for Saturday's show and I literally fly in that day and take the reeye out but on that note I won't be staying anywhere. So what kind of bag can I bring in to the venue? Does it have to be clear or can I be a pullstring bag?
  14. Forgive me if this has already been said many times but my glory vinyl skips a lot. Like a lot. It's the pre ordered one. Does anyone know if it's a massive problem or just mine and if it is a problem how do I return it? Just at her store?
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