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  1. RT @gauchoe_: Britney: You wanna live fancy? Moi: yes Britney: Live in a big mansion? Moi: yes Britney: Party in France? Moi: yes Britney:…

  2. @hausofjoel Honestly this song wasnt their best but Live version & the Floor choreography is better than work from home , THERE I SAID IT

  3. RT @modernmodeIs: chanel 1995 https://t.co/73weVyHec2

  4. This is so ridiculous to even compare Camila to any of these artists. Its not even shady to say that. Its just true… https://t.co/vJ82JkFqII

  5. RT @buhlengoma_: We like our women alive, safe and protected. https://t.co/Biylf3vL8z

  6. @tanamongeau drinking game everytime you say "feature creator"

  7. RT @LilianaaMunozz: why do people be so angry that parents help their kids out w stuff? https://t.co/yCVcPRPkbF

  8. RT @dami_lee: “...I couldn’t help but wonder...could Miranda fix the subway? Or was it me that needed fixing?” https://t.co/xpE9EjSqqp

  9. @VenusEnvyDrag @urjustadrag that boob contour is flawless

  10. RT @daveyjacvbs: straight jokes about gay people: haha rt if you would beat your son if he was gay ??? gay jokes about straight people: th…

  11. @slimshadycher The tea is awfully GOOD today

  12. @zthunda The real tea is that people should be worrying about what their doing for the world not what others are. People are so annoying lol

  13. RT @asafshb: Me culture is not having a circle of gay friends to hang with, and feeling super distant from my straight friends. https://t.c…

  14. RT @psykeln: people talking about drag queens regardless of situation: SHE SHE SHE?SHE!!SHE?SHE?SHE people talking about trans women: He-…

  15. RT @don_jidz: I need to work on my “hey guys” youtube voice, there’s money to be made

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