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  1. This should have been said months ago! Oh wait years ago.. I love Brit but her team makes her look so dumb!
  2. What It's Like To Be Me (featuring Justin Timberlake) Breathe On Me The Answer Mona Lisa Freakshow
  3. I love cherry Pepsi! One of the best things ever!
  4. It would be funny if that guy was like.. Yeah, Joseph calls me when he works with Britney.. The perks of having a friend like that.. I would die!
  5. I know that! I meant is he Joseph's friend or what? lol
  6. Does anyone else have a thing for What U See (Is What You Get)
  7. ITZ is my favorite album of hers! It's so sexual and she is so free.. My second pick is BO though
  8. POM ITZ (That was hard for me) Britney era
  9. I want new wallpapers for my iPhone.. Anyone wanna help me out?