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  1. RT @LunionSuite: 🤭😷 So they really don’t clean their meat‼️ These white cohosts are really sitting here laughing and trying to give our Wes…

  2. RT @_oddmanout: #RHOA #RHOAReunion “So when are you graduating?” Me: https://t.co/Gx4XV4AOie

  3. RT @classicinvasion: cardi was damn near ready to throw hands https://t.co/y118DkkIwO

  4. RT @jesuisjoy_xo: until we've established I'm your girl and you're my man and we are mutually exclusive, I am single. this is how you lot…

  5. The latest Feed me Fables, Feed me lies! https://t.co/7msvJKRbiE Thanks to @ZapJamaica @giovaninrete @Hay_ThamAlHaj #palestine #syria

  6. RT @DavidDTSS: the part where they killed him or the part where they tried to explain to a black man in the 60s that he didn't understand a…

  7. RT @ESPNFrankie: Livin my life like it's stolen https://t.co/2pvIdp7Tfw

  8. RT @garyfromteenmom: me: hi urban outfitters employees on their way to work: https://t.co/znRk2A92Cv

  9. RT @TilWeOverdoze: This is what happens when the cops looking for drugs/guns and don’t find any https://t.co/h0YyHPYZSQ

  10. RT @bractonlaw: Following tonight’s incident, Bracton Law Society has taken the decision to remove those involved from committee, ban the c…

  11. RT @Noor_and_Alaa: #Iamstillalive last night we couldn't sleep because warplanes bombed our building... #SaveGhouta #Ghouta #Syria https:…

  12. RT @EDIBLU: I bet this sounds like when you close a laptop. https://t.co/aHCj5uAgM3

  13. RT @ameliagentleman: 44 years in London, over 30 years working and paying taxes, Albert is asked to pay £54,000 for cancer care, because of…

  14. RT @issalesbian: Babe, you haven’t healed if you’re not able to talk about the things you been through without tearing up. I hope you get t…

  15. RT @QGotNoRings: Charlemagne let Umar come on his show and say black kids are being indoctrinated into homosexuality by gay gangs with no p…

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