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  1. RT @zolitaofficial: Watch my new music video Holy now! https://t.co/JWuQE55oJD

  2. https://t.co/l3anTU7xWm

  3. RT @KooruVictory: so much for that apocalypse huh @Tyson_Fury

  4. RT @MJStarLover: Janet Jackson was the first black woman to win @MTV's Video Vanguard Award in 1990. #BlackWomenDidThat https://t.co/kGAzmN…

  5. Why is this happening https://t.co/zcaaoeCj33

  6. RT @iHeartRadioCA: Already waiting on news about a #MakeMe Video like https://t.co/NVCk7k6vgk

  7. RT @Ozzy_Spears: BRITNEY SPEARS IS COMING. YOUR FAVES ARE OVER. https://t.co/SVSjJD5m1o

  8. https://t.co/xL9KL6epbE i cant

  9. Happy Birthday WorkDude!

  10. Confident is a great album

  11. Welcome to the forums WorkDude :)

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