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  1. Toxic Not even close but I can live with that
  2. I love all her albums no matter what, but anyways here's my top 8: 1.Blackout (sexy, flawaless and saductive album) 2.Oops (amazing sounds); 3.In The Zone (sexy and fresh); 4.FF (something new from her); 5.Circus (It's just lovely Circus ); 6.Baby (Cool album, what can I say); 7.Britney (not feeling this album yet); 8.Britney Jean (heavy autotune ruines beautiful songs, sandly, but I still love it ).
  3. Guys, he just simply expressed his opinion :sippinbev:
  4. I like the song, but I was expecting for better music video.
  5. 'Me & The Rhythm and Same Old Love', others are just okay
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