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  1. My favorite included in here for me is what I dreamed of for "Everytime". I envision a clear orb like the good witch from the Wizard of Oz. She is singing the song wearing basically the same outfit from the video. And during the song, things are projected onto the orb like a shot of two eyes crying. I think it would be really really emotional.
  2. We all know that Britney never properly toured for "Blackout". But what if Britney actually did tour for Blackout?! Create what you think would have been the perfect Blackout Tour with a set list and an optional concert synopsis! Here is mine: Britney Spears The Blackout World Tour Set List Act 1: House Party Video Introduction 1. My Prerogative 2. Ooh Ooh Baby 3. Showdown 4. (You Drive Me) Crazy Act 2: The Back Room Video Interlude 5. Freakshow 6. Toy Solider The Back Room Dance Interlude 7. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) 8. Breathe on Me 9. Toxic Act 3: Penthouse Video Interlude 10. Gimme More 11. Outrageous Dance Breakdown Interlude 12. Everytime 13. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know/Lucky 14. Me Against the Music Act 4: The Lovers Suite Video Interlude 15. Overprotected 16. Perfect Lover 17. I'm A Slave 4 U 18. Do Somethin' Encore: The Morning After Video Interlude 19. I've Just Begun (Havin' My Fun) 20. Radar 21. Piece of Me Stage The main stage is rectangular. The back of the stage is lined with 4 large LED screens. Seven LED cubes also hang over the stage. The band is on moving risers that can raise and lower below and above stage level. A circle runway goes into the crowd on both sides. There is a VIP area for fans to sit inside the circle. Concert Synopsis Act 1: The show opens with a video showing a house party in full swing. Britney then arrives and the entire party goes into silence. Britney strips from her party dress into her underwear and jumps into the pool at the house party, sending the party back into full swing. The dancers raise on stage from trapdoors around the circular runways. The middle screen of three rises upward and Britney comes on stage on a silver car. She performs "My Prerogative" while dancing on the car and pulling dancers onto the car with her. At the end of the song, the stage goes black. In the darkness the car disappears. "Ooh Ooh Baby" is performed with Britney and her dancers dancing on the runways and touching the hands of audience members. At the end of the song, Britney welcomes the crowd to "the party of the century." Britney and her dancers go back to the main stage and perform "Showdown" while parts of the stage rise up and down. Britney interacts with her male dancers through the song. The stage darkens and a neon sign reading "dance" is shown on the back drops. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" is performed with Britney and her dancers recreating the choreography from the video using chairs as props. Britney leaves the stage via trapdoor on the main stage. Act 2: A video interlude begins showing Britney entering the house from the opening video. She goes into a back room of the house and finds a group of females in black masks dancing around a man tied to a chair. Britney moves in and sits on his lap as the video ends. Britney is raised on stage with female dancers wearing black masks and performs "Freakshow" while being tossed back and forth and in the air by the female dancers. Britney performs a remixed version of "Toy Solider" while running around the runways by herself. She leaves the stage at the end of the song. Several dancers are raised on stage from below on beds and in cages. The dancers perform a sexually charged routine to a dub step style music track. Britney is raised on the stage and into one of the cages and performs "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)" while in the cage that is spinning around the stage. Halfway through, she escapes and is captured again and tied to the bed while she finishes the song. "Breathe on Me" is performed with the various dancers, male and female, grinding and torturing the tied down Britney. At the end of the song, the bed lowers below the stage. Britney comes back on stage in a new outfit and performs "Toxic" while seeking revenge on the dancers that tortured her. Act 3: A video interlude begins showing Britney going to the top floor of the house. She finds a man in a speedo watching the party below. She gets his attention and they begin passionately kissing as the video ends. Britney comes on stage on the runways and performs "Gimme More" with her dancers while cracking whips. Britney and her dancers meet at the end of the circle and do synchronized choreography. At the end of the song, Britney is left alone on the runways. Britney speaks to the crowd before moving to the main stage. There, her and her dancers perform "Outrageous" on spinning turn tables in the stage floor. Britney disappears below the stage while her dancers perform a dance breakdown while their names flash on the screen. At the end of the breakdown, the stage goes dark. Britney is lowered from the rafters in an orb and performs "Everytime" while staying in the orb. At the end of the song, Britney is lowered to the main stage and exits the orb. She performs a medley of "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know/Lucky" while roaming the circular runways. At the end of the medley, Britney is lowered below the stage. She returns with her dancers and performs "Me Against the Music" while recreating the choreography from the video. At the end of the song, Britney lowered below the stage. Act 4: A video interlude begins showing Britney and the man from the previous video intertwining their bodies and passionately loving each other. Britney comes on stage with her dancers and performs "Overprotected" while the band risers move around the stage and Britney and her dancers perform around them as if they are dodging them. "Perfect Lover" is performed with Britney and her male dancers miming ballroom to a remixed synth track to the song. After the song, Britney talks to the crowd and then removes some of her clothing and performs "I'm A Slave 4 U" with her dancers with the stage covered in fog. The dancers and Britney perform in the fog choreography similar to the video. Britney and her dancers then perform "Do Somethin'" while on a large circular platform that is suspended above the stage. At the end of the song, Britney and her dances are lowered back down and bow to the crowd before leaving behind the middle LED screen. Encore: A video interlude shows Britney leaving the man behind as he sleeps and walking through the party house. Everyone is passed out. Britney leaves the house as the sun finally rises. Britney comes on stage with her dancer and performs "I've Just Begun (Havin' My Fun)" while dancing around the stage and the runways. Britney then goes back to the main stage and performs "Radar" with her dancers while the females are twirled and thrown in the air. At the end of the song, red silk falls from the rafters. "Piece of Me" is performed with the dancers in the silk and suspended above the stage with Britney dancing down below. The dancers are raised into the rafters while Britney and her band finish the song. At the end of the song, the band continues playing a rock track while sparks fall on the stage. Britney bows on the circle runway and then on the main stage before being lowered below the stage. The stage goes dark as Britney's voice is heard saying in a seductive and sexy voice "Oh baby...hit me one more time."
  3. Alright, so I got a lot of hate from people over my tour rank thread. I'm sorry to upset. It is all just my opinion and is surly not the representation of the Britney fan community as a whole. So again sorry. This is all MY PERSONAL OPINION so here we go. 8. ...Baby One More Time It's a first album. It's 90's pop. It's Britney not really in full control of the album sound and production. There was a lot that was stacked against the album. Yet, it still took the world by storm and remains unforgettable. Outside of the singles though, it's really just a teeny-bopper pop record and the songs can be a little over the top and all together painful at some points. But without this record, we wouldn't get the later gems. So I'm at an awkward place putting it in last, but I think most can see why it is here. 7. Blackout I can see why people love this album as much as they do. It was Britney's return album. But to me, in the grand scheme of her discography, it isn't as great as people make it out to be. The albums production is great but the songs are very hard to follow and the way the album is structured is a bit confusing. I am not saying this is a horrible album by any means at all, but it is little lopsided. 6. Oops!...I Did It Again This was an amazing sophomore album. The production was pretty much the same as Baby, but the songs had more meat to them and it feels like Britney was in more control of this record. But, as I have said of this albums tour, it is a product of it's time and was made to entertain a teen audience more than a wide range demographic. Britney is starting to find her sex appeal in this album and she is beginning to become more confident in her then new superstar status. The album's singles were killer and there are some pretty solid album exclusive tracks as well. 5. Femme Fatale This album is surprisingly entertaining. It is a rare album where the album tracks are actually a bit better than the singles. All but one case. Criminal is perfect, okay? Okay. Anyway, the album has some brilliant moments. To get the full experience, you need to listen to the deluxe edition. The album is so tightly produced and mixed and Britney sounds like she is having fun. The biggest weigh down is honestly Britney beginning to rely too heavily on auto tune and it is a little rocky towards the end. But all in all, it's still a great and fun album. 4. Britney Jean A lot of people hate on this album and I don't really see why. The album is Britney very stripped down and personal and the whole album is really autobiographical. Perfume is the best song that Britney had put out in years and I stand by my statement on that Britney is an amazing pop star, but was born to sing ballads. This album is a very easy and brisk listen and the deluxe edition is again amazing. It is no way as horrible as some people say it is. 3. Circus To me, this is Britney's true come back record. Britney found her trademark pop explosion sound that she lost on Blackout. The album has a very interesting lead in and all of the songs do have themes of circus performance and art through music. The album paved a way for perhaps the cheekiest song of the 21st century in If U Seek Amy. The album does have low points, yes, but Britney finally started shooting her way to the top here, and this is worth a lot to a fan like me. 2. Britney This album was the first album that Britney showed that she was more than a teen pop star and was a sexy, smooth, and independent woman that was riding her wave of success. The album is full of gems not only in it's singles but in the album only cuts. What It's Like to Be Me and Lonely are amazing songs and Britney really packed a punch in this one. I had a lot of back and forth over this and the number one choice, and had the number one choice not contained a select few songs, this would have easily taken number one! 1. In The Zone This album is amazing. Britney's last true amazing record, she was fully into her sexual side and was ready to face the world in a skin tight leather body suit or a nearly nude diamond covered body suit (your choice really). Britney was on top and loving every second of it. Showdown, Shadow, and Everytime are my favorite songs on the album, but the rest of the album is amazing too. This album was the first Britney album I ever owned so there may be a little bias. But I really love this album, and if you stop and think about it, you might love it much more than you think you do!
  4. 8. The M+M's Tour This was Britney's first concert outing since her publicized low period. There were very few dates on this tour, but the ones that were given sold out quickly. It seemed rather odd for Britney to be in small clubs and House of Blues venues, but people were just exited to see Britney perform again. The worst part about this tour was the length. The show was about 12-16 minutes long, and it was just all over disappointing. Britney didn't really perform however, it is excusable due to everything going on and this was just a testing of the waters. 7. ...Baby One More Time Tour I have lumped this and Crazy2K together because it is really just the same show. This was Britney's first tour and people were just ecstatic for their first taste of Britney live on stage. The show is really very entertaining but it is her first tour and that is why it's so low down here. The show was fairly simple and Britney seemed like she was bored at some points in the show. The show was very well done, but it wasn't as memorable as what Britney would create later on in her carrier. 6. Femme Fatale Tour The big problem with this tour is that Britney didn't really dance and the setlist was far too heavy on songs from Femme Fatale. Yes, this was promotion for that album, but almost no classic Britney made the set list, and the songs that did were very cut down and looked over. Britney didn't really perform as she had in the past in this tour. The choreography was pretty slow and very minimal. However, it did boast Britney back looking as beautiful as ever and some genuinely cool moments such as "Lace and Leather" and "Gimme More". 5. Oops!...I Did It Again World Tour Britney's second concert tour. This show was much larger and more grandiose than her previous tour, however it still was fairly slump and still "Teen Pop Britney". However, the show was a product of it's time and you cannot blame Britney for this show because she was still young and a teen idol and this show was built to entertain her young fans. The show balanced songs from her first two albums really well and the choreography and Britney's looks were very on point in this show. 4. The Circus Starring: Britney Spears This was Britney's first big tour since her public down period. The show was welcomed all over the world to see Britney on the big stage and in her glory. The show was very creatively staged and executed and Britney looked on top of her game. Yes, the dancing was still very low key and minimal, but it can be looked over in this tour because the show was about the visual spectacle and not as much the physical elements of Britney dancing. The stage is, in my opinion, the coolest that Britney has performed on. This show was very entertaining and remains unforgettable! 3. Dream Within a Dream Tour This tour was the first big spectacle tour that Britney put on. The show had a perfect blend of songs from the first three records and the choreography was some of Britney's best. The show's different segments were all equally entertaining and as a whole, the show was really well put together. What weighs it down is it is pretty obvious through most of the show Britney is miming, BUT it is a minor gripe when it comes to this amazing tour. 2. Britney: Piece of Me This isn't a tour, but I couldn't avoid putting it on the list. This is Britney's greatest hits show and it is spectacular. Britney's hardcore dancing chops are back and she is in tip top form. She looks beautiful and she is really singing live as much as possible! It is so great to see her performing this way again. The only gripe is that some songs are performed only in minimal form, leaving you wanting a bit more. But overall? Amazing! 1. Onyx Hotel Tour This tour is perfect. Britney was at her sexiest. The stage was amazing. The set list was phenomenal. What was there not to love about this tour? The whole show is an amazing piece of art and is Britney at ultimate Britney!
  5. Welcome to the forums BreatheOnMeBritney :)

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