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  1. The Twitter clan is trying to KEEP it at #1 (here in the US, but it's also #1 in a bunch of other countries) so make sure to snag your copy, if you haven't already!
  2. I find the way that a lot of people (fans and non-fans alike) respond to Britney’s IG posts are prime examples of “begging the question.” Her posts are fine, she is relatable and beautiful and amazing. They brighten my (often fucked up) days.
  3. They are so fucking cute together, idk how people hate on him. She’s so happy whenever she’s in a vid or photo with him.
  4. Yeah, if you think about what a star like Britney is paid (particularly if you go beyond the agreed upon time and have to pay extra not only to her and her team, but for the venue you rented, the extras, etc.), it makes the most economic sense to use a stand-in for reshoots. I’ve been a part of shoots involving celebrities and if we told them 6 hours and ended up needing 10, that essential broke contract (not exactly, but that’s the easiest way to understand it) and we were negotiating OT pay at that point, for a lot of people. OR we had to reschedule a time for them to come back out and let me tell you, that is pretty much NEVER an option. It costs severe delays and thousands of dollars.
  5. TTWE had some of my favorite choreo ever. Idk that she’s not necessarily into as she seems to be concentrating and following hard, at least to me. She at least seemed into it by the end of her POM run. I saw her in Austin and she got really pumped during this song. Same in Vegas. Or maybe it’s because it’s the final song and she can go home. 😂
  6. I never realized how amazing the footwork was in this choreo. I know you’re not a fan haha, but this is honestly some of my favorite of Brian’s work. There’s complexity in small moments throughout the entire thing that amaze me. And, as was common during this era, Britney seemed more comfortable in practice than on stage. I liked her tour performances, but the promo things she did, she didn’t seem to like and it showed in her performances, which is fair. I can’t imagine the Today Show is actually enjoyable at all.
  7. Ok, anyone who thinks FF’s dancing was better than POM needs mentally checked. 😂 Even in the beginning of POM when she could be stiff at times, she still danced better and seemed to enjoy it more than FF. That’s my biggest issue with the FF era - she just seemed so unhappy at times. I wasn’t an active part of the hardcore fan base during the Circus era (I was in college and very ... distracted 😬😂), but I remember generally liking the costumes and performances, I didn’t find anything super bad about it. But I’m not surprised people were downing it so hard - nothing seems to satisfy people and they act like she’s still 17 years old. 🙄
  8. I honestly don’t hate this choreo at all. I see Exhale is railing on it, but what else is new. I think there were a number of factors for why this whole ... thing didn’t work and it’s not just the choreo. That being said, I also don’t think the FF era was as terrible as many fans think, especially when I revisit the videos and performances. TTWE should’ve been nominated for (AND WON) a Grammy, FF was a more cohesive album than Circus, and HIAM was one of her top 5 MVs. I think the choreo worked. But I did like that Brian said he wished he would’ve kept his mouth shut during that era. Sounds like he realized he fucked up, and he did. Her business was not his to tell.
  9. The first time I saw her perform this, I remember being pumped af for the breakdown. Then the chair happened. Worst “breakdown” ever.
  10. Some new ones they shared gifts, proving Britney is the literal queen.
  11. Literally how I felt. Only thing I liked was the Lucky tank, too, but not for $30 lol.
  12. In case anyone is interested: https://store.britneyspears.com/ There are 3 bundles: Platinum, Gold, and Silver, though everything can also be bought individually. Last time I bought from the store, though, I got burned so I'm not eager to repeat that process. PLATINUM BUNDLE - $99.75 GOLD BUNDLE - $80.75 SILVER BUNDLE - $42.50
  13. I only watched a short part of it, but same. Who the hell were most of those people lol. Also, I try not to judge, but some of them needed to slow down on the fillers. So young, so many fillers.
  14. Not sure when this came out, but look at our girl taking the top spot 😍: https://99music.theringer.com/ For those who remember 1999 (lol), the whole list is worth a scroll through. My favorite part: THE GREAT DEBATE: BRITNEY OR CHRISTINA? It’s time to dredge up one of the most prevalent arguments of 1999, because as the rule once went: When two other worldly talents arise at the same exact time, favorites must be chosen. None of us are Madonna—we cannot kiss both. Bringing this ‘99 debate into 2019 are the co-hosts of The Ringer’s podcast Tea Time, Kate Halliwell and Amelia Wedemeyer. Katie Halliwell: Ah, Britney vs. Christina—the Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry of years past, some say. Amelia Wedemeyer: No one says that. You’re too young for this debate. Can I discuss this with a real adult? Anyone? Halliwell: Too late, you’re stuck with me. Think of this as your chance to educate the youths! Wedemeyer: Alright, if I must. Britney Spears is the clear winner of this debate– she was then, and she is now. Besides being an icon of American culture and the woman we all rallied around in 2007, Britney has been consistently churning out bangers for 20 years, and I do not think you can say the same thing for Christina. Honestly, name a song off one of the last three albums she put out: Bionic, Lotus, or Liberation. You can’t do it. Whereas you can with Britney’s last three albums: Femme Fatale (“Hold It Against Me,” “I Wanna Go,” “‘Til the World Ends”), BritneyJean (“Work Bitch,” “Perfume”), and Glory(“Make Me …”). Britney has a starpower that leaves us wanting more (cue the Chris Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone!” video). Halliwell: You’re not wrong—Brit’s catalogue of hits is much wider. But Christina’s vocals, Amelia! The vocals! Wedemeyer: Okay, I will definitely give you that. But Britney’s talent is her ability to cultivate an intense following—people don’t just like her, they love her. She endures, and we have no choice but to stan. Halliwell: I can’t pretend to have experienced the Britney vs. Christina debate in real time, since I was four years old in 1999. But I like to think this gives me a fresh perspective, from which I can see clearly that Christina Aguilera has had the far stronger late-career stretch! Yes, I’m now familiar with Christina’s chaps and Britney’s snake—but I’m honestly morefamiliar with Insta-Mom Britney and The Voice Coach Christina than I am with their ‘90s personas. And sure, while Britney may have been more successful back in the day, is she still? Wedemeyer: Is she still? IS SHE STILL? UM, HELLO, while Christina was playing third fiddle to Blake and Adam on The Voice, Britney was headlining a Vegas residency. And let’s not forget about their respective social media presences. Britney has 56.4 million Twitter followers, while Xtina is sitting at 17 million; on Instagram, Britney has 22.3 million followers, while, yet again, Christina is lagging behind with 6.1 million. Numbers don’t lie, Kate. Halliwell: Okay, I acknowledge that I may be in over my head here. But Burlesque is an all-time great guilty pleasure movie. Am I right? Is it just me? Wedemeyer: It’s just you. Please go watch, like, a single Britney Spears music video and get back to me.
  15. Yes, Take Off! I believe there was one other that got leaked, but I can’t find the original post I saw on Twitter ...
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