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  1. I thought the same. “She’ll never perform again” - hahaha SIKE BITCH
  2. This. And I think she should take a break and focus on herself and family and her relationship. I don’t know how people feel about Sam, but he seems genuine. He was the only one she saw apparently during her last stay at the facility.
  3. I agree with this. I think she’ll eirher do this or straight up retire. She’s been through a LOT.
  4. Britney Spears and her family were blindsided by her manager Larry Rudoloph’s public revelations that she may never perform again, RadarOnline.comcan exclusively report. Rudolph said in a new interview that he’s been kept out of the loop on Spears’ ongoing private drama except on a need-to-know basis, and he believes she should not return to Vegas for her residency — “not in the future and possibly never again.” He also confirmed the lucrative Sin City gig was canceled because her medications were no longer working, she was completely distraught over her father Jamie’s illness and she doesn’t want to perform anymore. Now, RadarOnline.com has learned 37-year-old Spears’ loved ones are livid about Rudolph’s loose lips. “Larry has, and always will, only look out for Larry,” blasted an insider. “He clearly does not have Britney’s best interest at heart and after this debacle, Britney wants him gone.” According to the source, Rudolph, 55, was not authorized to speak out on the “Toxic” singer’s behalf. “For him to go and share very private details about his client goes to show what type of manager he really is,” the insider said. “Larry used to be close to Britney but she does not trust him as far as she can throw him.” The source added: Spears’ mom Lynne “wants Larry fired and Britney is 100 percent supportive of this.”
  5. https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/05/britney-spears-manager-larry-rudolph-fired/ It *is* Radar Online so definitely keep that in mind, but she has dumped him before. And that interview he gave was entirely unnecessary. I could see people being angry or annoyed with him about it.
  6. I KNOW. Sometimes I’m like, is it 2007 again??? Most press coverage she’s had in years and unfortunately it’s not music-related. :/ I do wonder how her kids are handling all of this. They’re older now and can “understand” more of it. Sad all around.
  7. It’s all good, I know you’re a sweet person on these here boards. We all want what’s best for the queen. I’m eager to hear the results of the evaluation and hopefully end some of the speculation (because I know we’ll never know the fully story).
  8. They’re getting closer to the ones I really want on vinyl: ITZ, FF, and Blackout. *fingers crossed*
  9. Outside of a few points, this story said pretty much the same thing that those girls are tweeting out in regards to the evaluation so I don’t know why you’re so upset.
  10. Another angle on the court proceedings, proving what anyone with a brain could see: We don’t and won’t actually know what’s going on. Link: https://pagesix.com/2019/05/10/britney-spears-appears-in-court-to-speak-on-her-legal-status/ Only the few left inside know what the three said in the courtroom that was closed to public and media shortly after the hearing began. But Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny wrote in an order afterward that all had agreed on a so-called 730 expert evaluation, a process usually used to determine the mental health and competence of a parent in a divorce case. It is not made clear who would be examined, and whether it would relate to Spears’ relationship to her two sons or her parents’ oversight of her.
  11. Jfc those texts are psycho. Idk how anyone trusts that man. There is literally no reason for him to be involved or trying to reinsert himself except to gain fame or money or something else devious. He’s not Britney’s friend or family or business associate - god, that man just needs to go away.
  12. It doesn’t need to be said again, but here I am: 1) This post is super cringey. 2) Rumor is she won’t be at the court hearing. 3) Fans gotta stop giving themselves so much credit. If the conservatorship does end, so be it. But I doubt it’s because of psycho fans.
  13. Cardi and Britney collabing would give me LIFE!