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  1. Overprotected needs to be added!! The Slave performance needs to be changed, they should completely get rid of that pole and the dark bit at the beginning and do the full original choreo instead like in the FF tour✌ï¸âœ¨ (Except with 2016neys body&energy lol)
  2. Britney is the real human barbie, she is flawless. Post pics of Barbieney⤠http://i.imgur.com/gaXT6um.jpg
  3. Post pics of your least favourite Britney looks from red carpets/ events
  4. 1. Piece of Me 2. Pretty Girls 3. Womaniser/Work Bitch
  5. I'm sure it will be very cool, interesting, a lot of fun and also very cool!
  6. I'm really torn between the two, a couple of weeks ago I was completely obsessed with the VMA look but now looking at HD pics of the TCAs she looks so cute and fresh and that dress is hot! Haha🙈😻😩💖
  7. Welcome to the forums britneyisbarbie :)

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