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  1. I feel like Delicate is inspired by Lucky. A lot of the same concept in the video that isn’t necessarily related to the song itself. Watch & give your input.
  2. I like Pitbull but his stuff is either hit or miss. It’s either great or complete garbage. No in between
  3. A collab with Demi. https://twitter.com/ddlovato/status/959187064313978880
  4. I'm depressed

    I don’t think they have had the contest for a few years.
  5. I'm depressed

    Sorry I don’t understand what you’re asking
  6. Maybe she didn’t care at the time... Femme Fatale was our last successful album it was released when she was still with Jive. She was still going through stuff at that time. So when she signed with RCA maybe she just didn’t care. Now I think she does. We can obviously see with the improvement in her dance moves and giving us the fire back in her performances. The 2016 Billboard performance was everything we could have dreamed of for years. One of her best performances ever. I think if she can join a label under a different kind of contract then she could take more control.
  7. I'm depressed

    Wow I’m exposed. But I didn’t win hottest britney army member 2015 for nothing
  8. Omg I hope she gets out. Ever since she left Jive it's been downhill
  9. I'm depressed

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