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  1. @MarenAlford @thelivhaynes @thegigihaynes = @NotUrGirlfrenz - So bummed that I can't make your near future gigs, I… https://t.co/tI0j4fcYiY

  2. Hey you! That's right. I'm talking to you! This guy is Griffin Tucker. Be like Griffin Tucker. If you can't be li… https://t.co/6QzUnKj3YK

  3. @MusicByTanner https://t.co/D0CPUPpOme

  4. @katelyn_ohashi #OhashiAppreciationSociety Whether it's distance from the ground to the top of her head, or getting… https://t.co/hA3KNXHU30

  5. @sheabooskyy The single most harmonized acid trip EVER!

  6. @gktrocks Don't get too used to it. After that, I feel the need to make fun of you again.?

  7. @gktrocks @michelleEgraves @bccsi @drummerapril Wow. Just checked out @michelleEgraves profile. That's an impressiv… https://t.co/tPVmCEyAcD

  8. @gktrocks ::cheesiest voice possible:: Except right to the top! ?

  9. @DickieV Huggins teams are deadly when they get into your head. If you’re the opposing coach in mid game & the scor… https://t.co/OTE40UpmE7

  10. @Savannah_Liles @ProdigyMovie Didn't get to listen. Hope this went well!

  11. That was a fun night! @AuburnMBB survives. Then I got to witness history! #WarEagle #WarUMBC

  12. Kornacki in front of a map in the waning hours of a close election is an absolute madman.

  13. @EllesseOates You got this, Cuz! Proud of ya! Just have fun! Congrats. https://t.co/PZcKCNTVEu

  14. Drunk Historymarathon on Comedy Central! Well. My night is now all aid out!?? @drunkhistory @ComedyCentral

  15. My GOD! I just started watching "Mom & Dad," a horror released this year starring Nic Cage & Selma Blair. Seems li… https://t.co/QOVF0Wh80o

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