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  1. i don't want to believe it but from the clues in that post it's more about Britney to me than it is J Lo. Reasoning: Drake is experiencing much more success than J Lo is at the moment, so he would hardly need to 'use' her. Jackpot = Vegas. Britney is known for Vegas more so than J Lo. Also the 'running her life' line can be tied back to the conservatorship. The biggest flag for me is the image in the article about 'cute nicknames for your partner'. It has Cinderella in it. I hope it's not true either way. I just want Britney to be happy.
  2. I just dislike how hypocritical they are. US Radio and media: "strong listener feedback, really positive. G-Eazy also complements the song. A good partnership and vibe." Radio 1 / Nick Grimshaw in particular: "no one really likes it" You can bet if Britney was in the UK he would be creaming over the song (to her face)...
  3. I did the meet and greet two weeks ago. As long as you are prepared for the part you will be most excited about being very quick (meeting Britney and taking your picture), you'll have a great time. I got to say all the things I wanted to say to her (it was a grand list of 3 things!) and she responded and giggled to every one. I'm happy with my pic too! I will say a lot of people forget that the M&G also includes a behind-the-scenes tour. Fe is amazing as is the tour - you get to go up on Britney's stage, see the props, see the costumes (even ones Britney doesn't wear any more!) and hear interesting tidbits. That alone was a great experience.
  4. It kinda went downhill from the Circus era. The UK loved Britney but aside from the army of fans that grew up with her her solo material isn't really promoted around here. Radio 1 don't play her because they're all about c-beebies and her UK publicist team are awful (lol at Criminal being filmed here, getting political controversy and no promo even though X Factor was on AND she was in the country). She needs to promote to win back the UK audience but who cares about charting positions and sales at this point in her career as long as she is healthy and happy?
  5. Thanks guys, assuming the running part is similar to every other gig where it's once they open the doors you have to run the short distances to the stage / where you want to stand, which should be fine. Thank you ^_^
  6. Hi all Going to Vegas later this year (so excited). Question for people that have been before... I'm going to be standing and hoping to be at the very front near the stage. How early should I get there? Will I have to do the whole 'get there at 10am, wait 12 hours' thing? Have heard that they don't allow people to queue up until like 6, but would like actual people stories as flying thousands of miles to go see her! Thank you
  7. This is true, even Mail Online are being nice to her and they're not nice about anyone!!!
  8. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/feature/a667693/britneys-back-bitches-heres-why-extending-her-vegas-residency-is-a-good-thing.html Thought I'd share this seeing as people are having meltdowns! If even the UK media are picking up that she is improving, it can only be a good thing right?
  9. Thought it was worth sharing this article here seeing as people don't think this is good for her! Even the media are acknowledging her progress.
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  11. RT @digitalspy: 1. SHE'S HAPPY. Here's why @BritneySpears extending her Vegas residency is a good thing http://t.co/ScpfYg2cdi http://t.co/…

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