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  1. Toen Simone de test deed stond ze zelf tussen de opties als Mol en Stine niet. Productiefout of hint naar Simone of… https://t.co/rv3iGqUw3r

  2. Retweet me now! A @britneyspears track feat. Spice Girls needs to happen in 2018. It will save us all!

  3. #widm #widm2018 naam aflevering was: wisseltruc. Zou Jean-Marc de mol zijn geweest en nu ingewisseld zijn? ?

  4. Top 5 #StrangerThings characters 1. #Eleven 2. #joycebyers 3. #mike 4/5. Will ,Lucas,Dustin. Great show!

  5. @joemichs I don't like Katy at all but Taylor seems desperate and try hard as well. Thank God you said Almost

  6. My friend @pieceoflime and I have very #dramatic conversations... #conspiracytheory #emoji https://t.co/rx0MzKoZ0u

  7. @pieceoflime omg those emails. tg you check your tweets. ugh i was at work it was difficult to contact you. I am online now

  8. #CelineDionLive2017 met moeders ? https://t.co/MuDBKbO828

  9. Terecht groen want wat zou het raar zijn het beste koppel- Siham & Hicham -naar huis te sturen #pekingexpress #teamsihamenhicham #rareregels

  10. Die zwarte envelop is echt de meest waardeloze toevoeging aan #pekingexpress

  11. #tk17 "ik verstond de vraag niet" rara welke partij? ?

  12. I finally started watching the last seasons of #glee and I must say #Santana @NayaRivera is definitely the best character. Watching 4 her

  13. I am outraged! They made #LeFou nothing like the original. I am boycotting #BeautyAndTheBeast he used to be a cartoon and now A REAL HUMAN?

  14. Unattractive man lies to beautiful wife but she finds out, doesn't tell him and gets back at him. What a great idea for a sitcom...oh wait

  15. Lmao I'm not even a huge fan of hers but this tweet is gold https://t.co/XtX999FAZX

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