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  1. if you sit in the same corner as me in the library while also facing me when there are 293082 other locations avail… https://t.co/cCKhGdFymh

  2. @_stabbz CONFUSED MONKEY.gif

  3. @kara_knepp @_stabbz Honestly was too blacked out to remember

  4. @_stabbz All systems normal

  5. @k_fence Thank you queen truly thought this was gonna be my viral moment

  6. @_stabbz No..... this is THIGH

  7. Men are literally such common, replaceable, monochromatic trash it’s almost unreal

  8. RT @ChelseaClinton: Hi Yen! It’s been at least a day since someone compared me to a donkey. I’ve already shared my love of Donkey in Shrek.…

  9. Tonight is DEFINITELY (not) the last time I eat an entire bag of goldfish in less than 45 mins ?

  10. RT @blackzoneglory: https://t.co/Xm7LLB8iLZ

  11. @_stabbz https://t.co/QBjCRxCy1r

  12. RT @pamnonga: Listening to men talk can be so draining. A lot of them tend to overvestimate the value and/or originality of their insights.…

  13. RT @clarion_gays: Take one and RT

  14. @k_fence Wig no longer levitating ? https://t.co/QfniUJRcGH

  15. @kara_knepp Omg so did billy on the street to a mother of four!

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