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  1. RT @furbaIIs: they've been dating for more than a year now https://t.co/lDrcQKox6B

  2. RT @britneyspears: Filmed this with the boys and just noticed the guy on the TV says “Dream Within A Dream” at the beginning... that phrase…

  3. RT @britneyspears: Who doesn’t love Sinatra?? https://t.co/kZBXPzEA67

  4. RT @jessicahische: If someone made a lorem ipsum generator that was actually just old live journal entries from teenagers, I would most def…

  5. Pledge to be a #GunSense Voter: Vote for candidates who will fight for common-sense laws to reduce gun violence: https://t.co/cgRsOXZQEa

  6. RT @car_nove: I was hiding in a closet for 2 hours. It was about guns. You weren't there, you don't know how it felt. Guns give these disgu…

  7. @WhiteyRob was it my name

  8. RT @britneyspears: YES!!! That is right @LouMTaylor!! You do step up every single day, and so do so many other ladies in the music business…

  9. RT @maxpalumbo5: When my youngest brother was little he was being bullied and went to my parents for help. They told him “Sticks and stones…

  10. @TheBritneyArmy GOD BLESS <3 y'all pulled through!

  11. AH I HAVE TO GO TO THIS. MY QUEEN HAS RETURNED! @britneyspears @TheBritneyArmy https://t.co/omhuzK9EKB

  12. @WhiteyRob oh my god ? slay my pussy brit

  13. RT @JordanUhl: She blocked me because I called her Tanya https://t.co/REu4wWDTw4

  14. RT @WhiteyRob: I “live” for suspicious quotation “marks”

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