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  1. All her performances of Toxic in her prime were really perfect. No flaw in execution so I'd think she would still remember it now.
  2. I fail to see how worship over flawless performances from 10 years ago turned into an essay about cyber bullying. Even more embarrassing when said post on cyberbullying ends with you telling someone "she must live a sad, pathetic life". She didn't even attack you. I agree the Top of the Pops performance is underrated.
  3. Lacks Circusney's attitude, but she looks good. The fan bitching has paid off.
  4. Saner fans like me always leave @@ahulyk alone but he loves stalking me and other members like a true Britard He is clearly in the wrong here. Mods here just don't have the guts to suspend a "positive" fan no matter how ignorant and embarrassing his posts get (which is 90% of the time). And I'm not the only one who feels that way about him.
  5. As you can see, user @@ahulyk cannot respect other people's opinions, loves stalking people's posts, cannot stay on topic, can barely spell, cannot even read I recommend there to be a screening test for this site that members need to at least spell "unahappiness" correctly before registering successfully @@laracroftonline
  6. You obviously care since you keep stalking my posts
  7. I suppose it's okay to attack other people when they are Britards like @@ahulyk ? @@laracroftonline
  8. I'm not even expecting her to dance like her prime... she's not dancing well period. The movements she's doing wrong have nothing to do with her knee.
  9. Of course, these are the same fans who would lose their shit and shove it down everyone's throats if she gets nominated. The Grammy's are a combination of image + music + success. Other popstars may have "crazy" personal lives, but their music is either more respected (like Kanye) or just extremely successful the past year (like Katy and Iggy) or a mix of both. I think Blackout at least deserved an Electronic dance album Grammy. There is of course the factor of timing too because it'll also depend on the competition that year. Britney isn't winning a Grammy because 1) She doesn't have the image of an artist. 2) Her music is no longer successful 3) Her latest music is shit. If she wants a Grammy, she needs to revamp her image and have a good album.
  10. I would've been more lenient if it was the first few shows, but I feel it's a bit inexcusable at this point... It's dreadful for her standards and questionable when compared to other popstars. The worst thing for me is her deadpan face. Even Katy Perry manages to pull good expressions, which is the bare minimum because otherwise, it looks like Britney doesn't even wanna be onstage. She's also making the same mistakes and shortcomings in choreography... I feel like she isn't getting any feedback in her dancing and performing. I really like her movements for Toxic on the tree, but that's about the only real improvement I can think of.
  11. Sorry I'm wrong, this is indeed the best she can do
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