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  1. Happy Birthday tylertremallose!

  2. tbh it was only blackoutego that doubted me XD
  3. i told yall she was gonna have shows next year after being told that she was from staff at the axis theater and all yall doubted me and now tickets for next year are on sale ahah
  4. We can complain about that, or remember that gagas 2nd perfume magically disappeared lol
  5. Someone that claimed to be head of security 😀 But I don't have my hopes up or whatever Only time will tell what happens
  6. Axis staff said there's shows next year but a small amount as this year she didn't complete the required amount of shows the contract wants her to do That's what they told me at least
  7. why was the 7th leg of POM, the highest drop in attendance? if you compare leg 1 and 2 were sold out leg 3 had a 389 drop leg 4 had a 4,491 drop leg 5 had a 11,826 drop leg 6 had a 1,326 drop (but there was only 4 shows) leg 7 had a 23,514 drop leg 8 had a 9,843 drop soooo why was the 7th leg the least attended set of shows??
  8. youre welcome. she leads the backstage group into there. when i was there, she walked by the VIP check in desk so maybe wait there or around there. honestly just be in that area and just keep an eye out for when a large group comes walking through. usually some fans stop her so you have a chance of knowing when shes there
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