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  1. RT @cassianoborges: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @DUALIPA https://t.co/6yh0ocm2IB

  2. RT @PRADACCIA: Me after opening up to someone: Wow, I feel so much better! That was a good idea. Me lying in bed that night, realising wh…

  3. RT @liltinyisabel: i wish i could ignore all of my feelings for a long time without it seriously damaging me in the long run https://t.co/f…

  4. Vorrei soltanto amarti I fine settimana E tutti gli altri giorni Che differenza fa?

  5. RT @stylestruIy: https://t.co/fzINvj957E

  6. RT @DUALIPA: ONE KISS. https://t.co/Xu8p01vAEl

  7. RT @bIuevioIet: bilingual culture is looking up a word in the twitter search bar to be sure you wrote it well and that lack of confidence e…

  8. RT @xcx_mario: gays going to buy their iced coffee every morning https://t.co/J5wPcI2y4d

  9. RT @HoldUpSeIena: Shawn mendes: *says she in a song* Stan twitter: https://t.co/oTMv1balwk

  10. Tove Lo is THAT bitch

  11. RT @auntie004: Id be crying if my playlist was this terrible too https://t.co/vEuqIgzM4w

  12. @JeffreeStar Wait did you just say wig?

  13. RT @tanamongeau: me in the morning when i stayed up way too late the night before knowing i had to be up early https://t.co/dWj07mOQYp

  14. RT @dolciall: Vi spiego la fragilità dell'ego maschile: https://t.co/vqeYe68pct

  15. RT @JeffreeStar: WHAT’S GOOD SIS? ? https://t.co/dLNiAqFuaf

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