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  1. The only reason she was born in Mississippi is because that was the closest hospital to where she is from in Louisiana which everybody knows is Kentwood. That is obvious because Jamie Lynn was also born in Macomb (probably wrong spelling ) Mississippi. And she is ten years younger than Britney. Lynn probably planned it like that because it was probably the biggest city closest to them with a hospital. Hammond is probably the closest Louisiana city with a hospital or was. They might have newer hospitals now days.
  2. This makes no sense! I've never heard of something like this before. They act like this dude is a legend or astronomical performer. He takes a year off and is back. He may have a few hit songs but the majority of the public don't know who he is. Britney Spears is nationwide and worldwide.
  3. She is very sweet. She is very nice and humble like Britney. She is not fake like some people who just might say nice things just not to look bad.
  4. Great reviews!! Most of them I read are positive. That alliewired bitch is a stupid freaking bitch. She always talks shit about Brit. I really don't like the bitch. So other stupid bitch compared Britney and Taylor Swifts songs and said Britney's Pretty Girls is overtly sexual which is a freakin joke. The video is a fun freakin parody and playful video. It is in no way overtly sexual. In fact I don't think Brit has ever had anything that was overtly sexual. She has had playful and sexy videos but never overtly. She has never had anything as overtly sexual as Beyonce or Rihanna or even Auguilera with dirty. Her most overtly suxual performance probably was on tour on Onyx tour. The stupid Bitch was saying Taylor Swift was a powerful woman role model in the video along with the other celebrities. The whole article was a freakin joke. The thing I hate a about the internet is anybody can have a voice and think they are really important just cause they wrote something on the internet. There is no professionalism is writing anymore. People act as if they are unbiased but it is a joke. It also not just the internet. Other so called writers and media members are jokes also. By the way wasn't the video full of violence. How was that being a role model to her teenage fans.
  5. I see nothing wrong with that picture. She looks beautiful to me.
  6. They are the vocal Minority! People who talk shit or protest shit are the vocal Minority! The silent Majority are the people who don't think that way. The Minority on a subject always makes the most noise. There are usually more people who feel the other way.Sometimes the Majority has to shut the Minority up.
  7. They purposely found bad pictures from an event where there are many many good pictures from that Chinese Theater event. They picked a picture where Britney is making a weird face which she always does. And for the other picture, she didn't look the greatest, but they when and searched out from months or years and found an unflattering picture. Everyone has unflattering pictures sometimes. Even the most beautiful people on Earth have bad days where they don't look there best or are making a bad or weird facial expression and somebody snaps a picture right in the middle of that action. Look at the bad unflattering picture of Beyonce at the Super Bowl. Now I'm not really a fan of hers but she is not as ugly as that picture made her out to be. They say pictures tell a thousand words, but pictures lie sometimes also because I've seen Britney pics and then seen video and looks better in the video in live action.
  8. The town can't be too bigoted or prejudice, it produced Britney, who is the least judgmental person there is.
  9. Why are people stereotyping Kentwood and the South in general. Isn't the town like 60 or 70 percent black.