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  1. Happy Birthday kweenbritney!

  2. haha do you mean the lotus spell lol jk and i like one xtina song and thats dirrty
  3. hey flawless chicks guess whos back??.. yeah you guessed it the kweenbritney is back!! but anyway side-note: dont y'all just think that crossroads is like the best movie on planet earth cause like i do i love it i was watching it last night and thought what a great movie it is like i laugh at everything in it :xf13: i love the singing parts init though i just love them all whould be up the slayroads 2 or nah?
  4. yassss go on b-army we can do it c'mon lets step up our game!!
  5. awe that is soo sweet i lv u britney :bigsmile:
  6. britney is too flawless to handle
  7. i dunno but if there was she will chosse you for certain
  8. i would take: 1.Megan 2.Goten21 3.IGOTYOUCRAZY 4.Jay 5.Timbits 6.lacroftonline 7.BritneySpears 8.ThereCanBeOnyxOne 9.Pulza1123 (forgot numbers ) thats it really so get listing..bitch so who would you flawless people think are your faves
  9. harrys mine and @@Megan s so back of bitches ..lol jk we can share
  10. 2014ney is slayin me from back to fourth 2013/14ney has just been 2003/04 for me tbh
  11. aw,how sad but thank god she is well and better now i always thought it were fe but then i thought random gal i dunno but at least shes better now
  12. she would love that she will prob have ya on the next bom performance then your dream come true