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  1. Wasn't bad liar the lead single? https://t.co/m2H3SUYuR7

  2. RT @NickiHurren: GUYS I NEED HELP https://t.co/Z4ClS0Y0YM

  3. RT @SalSpearsz: Stopped by the voting booth to vote for @britneyspears. Nothing but respect for MY president. #raisedright https://t.co/laB…

  4. @Princexercize What if your straight ?

  5. RT @lindsaylohan: #nicegirls @britneyspears @parishilton come to #mykonos for my birthday this weekend ? @Beyonce you too

  6. This made me wanna go hit up a buffet ASAP. ? https://t.co/q0A8ejj1EX

  7. RT @memeprovider: is this a warning or an advertisement? https://t.co/CSNvg2AVa9

  8. RT @britneyspears: This is amazing!! Thank you Manila!!! ? https://t.co/VRU08LA2bh

  9. RT @britneyspears: So happy to be here in Taipei ? Can't wait to perform tomorrow night ✨

  10. RT @britneyspears: So much fun exploring Japan!! https://t.co/V5gi3dWg02

  11. RT @CupcakKe_rapper: I'm donating 2k to Ariana grande donation for Manchester so I'm going to pay for her merch for her fans and my fans so…

  12. RT @britneyspears: My lovies ? https://t.co/JfLKFCEQDv

  13. RT @britneyspears: My new album is now available in all its Glory. #GloryOutNow https://t.co/GyJGkc2ppt

  14. RT @Mwass_: RT if you're a youth and your phone does not have tentacles. https://t.co/fMmCjOzSWw

  15. RT @SamAsghari0: Well that was easy ??? https://t.co/xuwmjrO35h

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