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  1. http://theonyxzone.com/displayimage.php?pid=188372 Twitter? Instagram? Who is this stan?
  2. Guys look what I just saw on Twitter, posted by a writer for The Sun in the UK - I can't view the article though! I'm so confused..
  3. I thought it did? I remember hearing it a while back and someone said they would sent it to another fan on Yahoo Answers 8 years ago so I didn't want to send a reply now lol!
  4. Hey all, Does anybody have the Why Should I Be Sad instrumental? Can't find it anywhere! Thanks
  5. I feel like vomiting from the excited LMAO I can't believe how much energy she put into that night. IT WAS AMAZING. She needs to do this every night. Omg. Britney. Is. Back.
  6. http://wp.me/p2D9Ds-2bC We don't know yet! It'll be cool though.... Hopefully!
  7. I know what you mean and I am really excited for this song, I think it'll be really different; but those liars messing with some people in the fan base were acting like it's an entirely new song etc... When they haven't heard anything lol!
  8. Months ago people were claiming they heard the Britney song and saying "oh it's so different" etc..... When it's a cover..
  9. Hot Ace Ice NEEDS to be added to the set list. It would look amazing in the neon section!
  10. http://assets.rollingstone.com/assets/images/story/britney-spears-teen-queen-rolling-stones-1999-cover-story-20110329/square.jpg http://assets.rollingstone.com/assets/images/story/britney-spears-just-cant-help-it-rolling-stones-2000-cover-story-20110329/square.jpg http://assets-s3.rollingstone.com/assets/images/music/2004/galleries/2003-rolling-stone-covers/rs932-britney-spears-large-47403/500x595/00332719_lg.jpg
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