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  1. still remains the best thing we got from Britney in 2017
  2. Superbass by Nicki Minaj was a bonus track also, where did this emoticon come from?
  3. CD tracks playback confirmed and no new pre recorded vocals how else does Shazam recognize the songs? and shouldn't the GP know the songs if it's her greatest hits? it's Britney fucking Spears and she's not gonna do songs like Perfume I hope
  4. easier said than done. you clearly have no idea about addictions. and with Britney, it's just this secret yearning every time I log in that she will one day return to her past glory because I still believe in her. then again, maybe I shouldn't believe that she still has it in her and I wouldn't get disappointed at all
  5. why am I here? the same reason that you are here. except that I know that she can and has done better and that her current slayage isn't really anything much. it's kinda like a relationship with drinking or masturbating, you kinda wanna give up but can never really.
  6. sorry but I'm not from the us. it's going to be 2am here in Germany and it's definitely not worth staying up just for it even those props are being shipped over. I have work tomorrow. I will just stream then tomorrow when I wake up and pray that I will regret not watching it LIVE. but who am I kidding, I'll probably be glad I didn't stay up for some POM repeat of which I have watched countless videos of. unless she premieres a new single
  7. I'm all for her reusing tour routines and all if they are amazing, like the original Slave choreo or Me Against the Music choreo but not those basic ass choreo she does at POM. and she wants this to be considered a performance where people look up to her again? tough luck if she keeps doing those yoga classes dance moves
  8. I know that nobody cares that I say this but if she is really going to pull a POM on BBMA I might just lose all my respect for her as an artist. I mean all that freaking hype she and BBMA built up just for a repeat of POM choreo, which IMO isn't even that great, is super pointless and kinda shows that she doesn't have that IT factor anymore. it's sad but true that this will like be the defining moment for me though I'm not staying up to watch as I know it will already be a disappointment. night!