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  1. So stupid and false. I guess she should hire a vocal coach tho :/
  2. Cologne is an extremely shitty song. Perfume has weak lyrics but it's better
  3. exactly. She's having a good period right now and there's some good moments here and there from 2008 to 2015, but the REAL danceney died on Circus video set
  4. I know she's not going to do anything exciting, but all I'm asking is: -one GOOD song (bye Work Myah, bye Poorfume, bye Shitney Jean, bye Basic Girls) -one GOOD tv performance ([email protected] was so damn cheap and Iggy is a cancer) -one GOOD tv interview -one GOOD music video -one GOOD magazine photoshoot I'm not asking her to PROPERLY do her job (promotion etc.) just to do this basic stuff and do it well.
  5. Mannequin and Circus video were the last real "danceney" appearances, I haven't really seen her since those two moments
  6. This freakshow mix is life Good idea, just change the name 'cause it's so cheap
  7. Song + video the same day + small radio interview + radio support One big magazine cover + interview Tv talk show performance the same week + a couple of small tv interviews of ET and shit like that Nothing too stressing, nothing too much, she could do it easily Too bad we're actually having: Song Video 1 month and half later Shitty pom performance 3 months laters
  8. Welcome to the forums steshango :)

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