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Maria Spears

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  1. He once put a picture on instagram of the piece of me show saying that he was so proud of britney and the picture was of himself in the backdrop so... yeah he wants the attention.
  2. Her face look different mainly because 1. She had fillers on her cheeks (hyaluronic acid and maybe a little bottox) circa rehearsals of POM and the britney jean era that look very natural at the beginning but then lost a lot of weight and now its more noticeable 2. A little too much lip fillers that changed her smile, nothing that can’t be fixed you can disolve those fillers with special inyections and get new ones in the selected area if she wanted to. She definetly looked older and tired during the x factor days i don’t know if the criticism made her do it, i think her first lip inyection was in 2007 when the paparazzi recorded it and she covered her mouth so I doubt it had anything to do with fans, she always looked older than her age but the wrinkles are worse because she smokes she needs to moisturize every day, use sunblock and stop smoking but she is an unbothered queen that doesn’t care about looks and makeup so.....
  3. I don’t like that look at all, bad hair, makeup and something is off with her teeth oh well at least we have new pics
  4. Omg no. Very desperate. So basicallya she can’t have a hit single by herself anymore? Jesus.
  5. Probably not thats why that infamous POM night was the only time she performed live in the last 5 years
  6. I watched them in mute and her upper body is the only part moving most of the time, She needs to end vegas asap she is getting bored of it.
  7. Omg being a britney fan is so boring lately that i was actually excited to see the “new” picture
  8. That was very long. But i loved everything about it ❤️
  9. Her fanbase is not that big anymore and it seems that she doenst care about it. Obviously there are things that she could do in promotion, live performances, appearances.. social media(i mean cardi b is a one hit wonder and have more followers on instagram), even in her style/makeup.. when you are a style icon bloggers, magazines promote the artist with simple things like reposting pictures and stuff...but her team sucks and they don’t think about those things. People will come after me for saying this oh the lipsync thing is old her performance level is the same but is not. Artists now have bigger pressure, the standars are higher and for me when she performs she doesnt look pationate, of course i love her recent improvement but if we want her to headline in the superbowl, if we want her to make more world tours or win more awards (that obviously she would want and would make her happy) she needs to work in her music and performance and its only matter of going to youtube looking at a random britney live peformance and reading the comments of disappointment of the general audience. That is the main difference with britney today and her prime... she used to appeal the entire world, now if you are not huge barmy member you dont follow/like her performances. I think she needs to get competitive again. I Loved that she worked hard on Glory and i loved the result, it was the best work of her in years but it wasnt fair that it died quickly because nowadays the music is not enough.. and the few times she performed it live like in the vmas it got bad reviews, the make me video fiasco etc
  10. She needs to do a Glory tour after POM is over. One of her best work and only two singles, not enough promotion.. this album is great, she could do a small tour and slay Invitation, just love me and just like me with live vocals
  11. Im sorry but reading all this explanations of her lipsync is just absurd, because... Simply there is no excuse. And saying that it is 2016 and we should expect it and if we dont LOVE the fact that she does it is because we are not fans is another stupid thing. Dont say you werent excited when she sang Everytime in SNL, Not a girl dont yet a woman in AMAS 2002 with perfect vocals or the live performances of Me against the music that she sang live (some parts) and danced, dont you tell me you are happy with the fact that we havent heard anything live in the past 4 years?!? Im sorry but i dont buy it. When we first saw britney almost 20 years ago she did try to sing live now and then , we had pre recorded vocals in the concerts and almost every time she sang balads they were live. So the lipsync didnt make you fall in love with her.. She needs to try harder. Its not 1999 anymore, i know POM gave her a lot of confidence back and i am happy, i am proud of her, proud of this era... But it could have been even better but i felt dissapointed so many times this past months because she made the best album in years and some of the performances lacked the wow facot and not even trying to pre record her vocals, that DOES affect the critics and the sales...VMAS anyone?!.. People complained that MTV did a bad thing putting her after beyonce (a few online pages and blogs said it too) but the fact that another artist can put a 15 minute performance with perfect dancing and perfect vocals doesnt have to affect BRITNEYS performance because she needs to put her 100% everytime, that thay proved what we have known, that she doesnt. Back in the day her dance moves were harder, the performances were better so people didnt care about her vocals. But now that she slowed down and her dance moves are safer at least she could have pre recorded vocals and her mic on and say something like her old "woa" or interact with the audience. She needs to feel the fire and challenge herself more. Every single artist out there does it, and her being a LEGEND and all should do it. Its just embarrassing sometimes to have her duet with artist that sing live.
  12. I loved it... She looked hot and its one of the best videos she has done in a while..... BUT... I know its old but im not completly happy about the remix, dont get me wrong Tinashe does a great job, but why on earth would she make a single of one of her best songs in the album (one we voted for in polls including billboard) and make it a remix.... Another DUET after make me?!?!?! I just dont understand. We have waited long enough for this era and for a second single and i dont want anyone else but britney to take credit for this song and i think is already happening. Ive seen comments of r&b fans and Tinashe and some of them are like "tinashe toned down her voice and dance moves for britney" "britney did the collab to stay relevant".. And of course when they perform the song together britney is going to lipsync and tinashe probably wont because she always sings live. Not here for bad press after VMA disaster. Like... How is this a good idea ?
  13. Mte honestly whats wrong with her team? Slumber party is a great song, why make it a remix??? Why another collab?! That is the least thing they need to do after Make me. We wait for single 2 for months and now this? Damn this album is great but i think they are doing this so wrong. Not happy at all.