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  1. Saturday Night Fever!!! Come out and get quenched https://t.co/7GD50Zpjtu

  2. RT @GLSEN: #Trans students: we see you, and you are loved! For #TransDayofVisibility, we are sharing trans and gender non-conforming studen…

  3. @Jenayahs Blonds do it better ;) xoxo

  4. RT @Jenayahs: This Saturday at @TheXRoom come celebrate my birthday!!!!!!!! https://t.co/Rdbchglvdh

  5. U.S. Congress: Tell Congress to stop gutting federal gun laws - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/49yONQJELi via @Change

  6. https://t.co/f68OiOVd9a

  7. Next Tuesday it's the annual Tisanes Anti Valentine's Day Drag Show https://t.co/8nVdVxIIGw

  8. Government of Jamaica : Stop American Hate Preacher from Entering Jamaica https://t.co/weSNkhIDh4 via @Change

  9. Tonight! Category is... Residency realness!!! https://t.co/ia5Lc3MwA4

  10. https://t.co/tqJbtBVz12

  11. https://t.co/QvUgOJ76dc

  12. Round 2 & my Chez debut! You aren't gonna want to miss tonight. Friends, fabulous shows and on… https://t.co/gQ1ANcEHYB

  13. https://t.co/YC9i5XmgYH

  14. Upcoming shows for next week and December! Happy holidays. Hope to see you there. #Tisane Tisane Euro-Asian Cafe... https://t.co/xRTqO7STN7

  15. When it's Friday night and you just wanna shake it off. #ShakeItOff #décolletage… https://t.co/ji7XUl6WWI

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