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  1. He had to stop him self and refraze what he was going to say about Britney on him being late lol.
  2. There are spas in AZ. Maybr she's on her way to visit the grand canyon?
  3. The GP loved it, I don't personally care for it. Especially after he dissed her on TRL.
  4. Mmm papi, I like the idea of Dillon Francis.
  5. I don't think Pharrel and Brit do well together tho... I feel maybe her working mainly with Kara DioGuardi, Max Martin and an up and coming underground producer would make her album flawless. I am all for Kara DioGuardi as executive producer.
  6. I really hope it's not new promotional material for POM or even PH related.
  7. Watch me Brit-ney ney! Source Read it on our mainsite!</p> She's just so pretay!
  8. Welcome to the forums KingBEN :)

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