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  1. Even Britney said this album is for her fans, and that is her most personal album, so maybe that's why she didn't do promotion because this album is for her fans.
  2. 1 - Yes. 2 - I am not sure. 3 - Yes. 4 - I think her face is normal, but soon her face will be looking like her 2004 face.
  3. 1 - Brunette? Not soon, but she will go brunette. 2 - Yes, he will be really good to her sort of like a Justin Timberlake when they used to date. 3 - Yes. 4 - Yes, but not something huge. 5 - Yeah! 6 - Not soon, but yes.
  4. 1 - She is going to be in the capitol, she will be promoting music. 2 - She is going to be in Vegas, but the last couple of months she will be going to Europe as a surprise. 3 - Yes, 4 songs, they will be BIG hits. 5 - Yes.
  5. I would love some more questions!
  6. 1 - She is coming to Sweden again, next year, she is not going to perform but she will be there to promote something. 2 - No. 3 - She will be back for real, she is going to promote a lot and she is going to love it.
  7. Rebellion is going to leak, it's going to leak with two other songs, there will be a lot of drama and her team is going to cover it up by saying it is about one of her dreams she had.
  8. 1 - Yes. 2 - October somewhere between the 5th and 10th. 3 - Not soon, but I see bracelets. 4 - Yes, and she's going to make it with a male singer, I don't know who but he is very popular.
  9. B9 is definitely not gonna be a flop! It may be even one of her best albums ever, the general public is gonna love her after this album and a lot of respect, she is getting her second prime!
  10. 1 - B9 is coming this year, it's hard to see when, it's either October or December. 2 - No, her team wanted her to do it but she said she will stress so much. 3 - No, Britney is gonna take some time off promoting her album and enjoying her time with the boys.
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