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  1. Happy Birthday Joseph!

  2. lmao it's August and no dates on sale yet. Not happening
  3. Oh ok yep fair enough haha. That's true! I mean it also matches with the rumour that she was doing that song for a movie a while back? Or was that confirmed false?
  4. Wait so the EP will have songs that are already on Britney Jean and Femme Fatale or do you mean songs that didn't make the cut? Might as well do a "Piece of Me' greatest hits because that would be pointless. (Then again that would be too haha) ANYWAY I'm here for the new music PS why is this in general
  5. He has been in Australia doing the Voice. It just wrapped the other day.... he has a new single called 'It's My Birthday' and because he performed it on the finale its like #3 on iTunes here I wish he was hiding
  6. Actually never mind I was going to film full performances on my camera and then transfer it to my phone with wifi to post snippets before I put them on YouTube.. and then I realised I'm not spending time during the show doing that flop (not that anyone cared)
  7. Is there Wifi in the Axis? How will I get my flawless 16 second Instagram videos to you all otherwise I don't have an American sim card and that means I won't have any 3G/4G right?
  8. Do you have anymore exclusives? We'll believe you now
  9. I think it might be sold out then? They did 'buy one map' when they first went on sale but changed it back quickly. Only select shows have them and I noticed (as someone said) It's for the ones that are labelled as "not many tickets left". LFT GA always goes faster than Right and being less than 30 days away I guess I'm not surprised its sold out. If you look at August 19 they only have Right GA left to buy as well (Even though thats been on sale longer). But yeah maybe if you call they might have a small selection to sell you
  10. AHS is one of my favourite shows so I'll be happy if this is true
  11. It was posted here! http://britney-galaxy.com/universe/topic/5475-new-performance-being-added-to-piece-of-me-next-month/ I'd love something to replace Perfume (Until she sings it live or makes it more theatrical, it's pointless. Sorry - I know one person loves that performance here but it's true lol) But I doubt it. I think they are just doing a class because Zac and Willie were in Australia when this happened
  12. I always wondered why she still has a bodyguard on her all the time? like I get it.. but I don't? It's 2014 and like 1-2 paparazzi follow her. Or is it just for safety reasons? I mean she's taking a hike with a friend haha She looks great though
  13. Britney Spears Fantasy Stage Edition! Available in limited US stores now & around the world this fall. Britney Spears Fragrances https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152581449933234&set=np.29122786.100003905750907&type=1&theater&notif_t=notify_me
  14. Nope just the 2nd night! First night I'll be front row VIP package.
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