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  1. I know they also ran the blind saying she wanted to get out of the spotlight and that didn't turn out to be true BUT I am still shocked by this one. http://blindgossip.com/?p=91407
  2. ummm are there going to be meet and greets?
  3. I'm from Germany and considering going to the London or Manchester show because UK crowds are way more fun than German crowds.
  4. He's 25 or so and doesn't look like the guy who wants to settle at that age so as long as Britney's covered aka has made him sign a NDA I don't care
  5. Cute Sam blocked me on his instagram after I called him out on making a career off of Britney's fame and I find that very funny, because he knows it's true.
  6. I came here to check if she had a show tonight.
  7. Wait weren't you the one who got their panties in a bunch when I called out the German audience the worst one? smh
  8. she better. there's NO way I'll go to France after Bataclan.
  9. yeah that must be it. as a German I am racist towards the German audience. Go read "racist" in a dictionary.
  10. Yet another reason why I dislike German audiences. You guys should be at BreatheHeavy and not here,
  11. Because the audience sucks. I'm happy to fly to London!
  12. watch it and stop being so fucking offended by proxy.
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